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Which Way?

There have been always many different theories in different fields of science. They appear and flourish by some scholars and some of them are rejected by other scholars after a while and new theories replace them. And this happens and happens again.

Why? Because Man's knowledge about the world is not complete and it is always developing and growing. These differences in fields of science are not so important as the differences in religions are.

Why? Because fields of science deal with worldly matters but religions basically deal with the concepts of God, the aim of creation, Hereafter and the way man will get to the salvation.

So it is very important to find out which religion will deliver us to the everlasting salvation. If we neglect searching to find the the right religion we will lose the eternal salvation.

Now which religion will deliver us to salvation: Certainly the religion  which is given to us by our Creator. Since we are limited in the circle of our own senses and limited in the restricted area of time and geography (I.e this world) we need our God to show us which way of thinking about the world, human kind, creation, the aim of creation, the world after our death, and about getting salvation is the right one.

In fact, the creation is not vein and our creator has not sent us to this world without showing us the Right Path which delivers us to the Salvation.

In all the ages He has appointed a "Hojat" on the Earth to guide human kind. The first Hojat on the Earth was Adam who was a prophet. After him his son Sheith was appointed and …then Noah, the prophet, then his son Saam then… Ibrahim, the prophet, then Ismail then Ishaq(Issac) the Ya'qoob(Jacob) then his son Yosof(Joseoh) then Barthia, then Sho'ayb then Musa(Moses), the prophet, then Yusha' Ibn noon, his successor, then Davood(David) then Solayman(Solomon) then Asef ibn barkhia, then Zakariya, then Isa Ibn Maryam(Jesus), the prophet, then Sham'oon safa(Simon Peter), his successor, then Yahya, then Monzar, and on and on up to the last prophet of Allah, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH&HP) and after him his 12 Successors.

So the Earth never has been without an Allah-appointed Hojat. At this time Imam Mahdi(PBUH) is Allah's Hojat on the earth. But for some expediencies he as an occultation up to the time Allah permits his advent then he will rise and with Allah's help and with his friends he will spread the UNIQUE Religion of Allah all over the world.

It is also necessary to mention that Allah's Religion, from Adam(PBUH) up to Imam Mahdi(PBUH) was always One. But many different sects appeared because some people usurped the true Allah-appointed successors of the prophets' status and distorted the prophets' instructions and changed the religion to accord with their own worldly desires. For example after Jesus , Paul who was at first a Jew usurped Simon Peter's  status of succerssorship  and distorted Jesus instructions and established some polytheistic concepts like Trinity in Christianity.

With the HOPE of the advent of the Last Allah's Hojat which will result in guidance of all people of the world and perish of all the oppressors...